Datamaton Content Manager (Blob) Home Lite 1.1

The Datamaton Content Manager (Blob) lets you search, organize, backup and use all your digital content, wherever it is stored.
Key Features:

Blob supports major content types - files, emails, contacts, social media posts/comments, appointments etc.
Blob supports local storage devices like computer hard drives, USB/network drives, phones, CD/DVDs, cameras etc. as well as web based email, calendar, social media and cloud storage accounts.
Search for emails, contacts, posts & appointments too, not just files. Search based on whatever you remember. Search multiple local and remote locations in a single search.
Organize any type of content (files + emails + ...) from anywhere into Virtual Folders and use them just like real folders. Assign tags to organize and find your content quickly.
Move or copy files, emails, appointments etc. from anywhere to anywhere. Migrate content from one account to another.
Do your day-to-day digital work with Blob. Read, create, reply & forward emails; open, download, upload & share cloud storage files; create & manage appointments etc. No need to log into each account separately using a browser.
Create configurable alerts to be notified on new email, files etc.
Backup files within seconds of being created or modified (Premium version only).
Blob uses your own computer and hard drive for all its work. Absolutely nothing about your content is ever sent to Datamaton or any affiliate.
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